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The lights dim.
A hush falls over the auditorium.
The curtain rises.

Welcome to Nautanki Theatre

We’ve done it all since 2012, the year of our founding.

We’ve brought to life cultural storytelling in a South Asian context.

Each of our performances has been a thoughtful and immersive experience.

Our audience has applauded, not just the acting and the stage in all its glory.

But the sense of belonging, understanding and introspection we bring to each performance.

And we are so much more than just a not-for-profit performing arts organisation.

We are the voice of the South Asian diaspora, telling their stories in this amazing and diverse land.

We are the artistic platform for South Asian talent, uniting creatives and offering them the opportunity to showcase unique creative skills.

To feel a sense of acceptance into the varied world of performing arts in NSW.

We are changing the aesthetics of theatre through collaboration with mainstream and cultural theatre.

We are Nautanki.

We are one. Through every performance we bond, entwining our personalities with the
ones we portray. We bring our personal magic and talent to each role.
As a team we are more than actors.
We are producers, directors, stage, sound and lighting specialists, stylists, hair and
make up artists. Every one of us has a role to play.
Together we are strong.

Core Ops team

Neel Banerjee

Creative Director

Reema Gillani

Production Manager

Madhavi Shankarling

Creative Associate

Nitin Kundap

Production Assistant


Our Maxims

Inclusion – We tell stories that are the lifeblood of our diverse South Asian community, while welcoming everyone to share this experience. And we strive to provide creative opportunities for CALD artistes looking to showcase their talent in the performing arts space in NSW.
Integrity – There is an underlying truth in all that we do. Every show we produce is a celebration of our South Asian cultural identities. – We are true to our mission and vision to produce theatre that expresses, challenges and celebrates our culture, traditions and heritage, for better or for worse.
Respect – We accept diversity in all its myriad multicoloured, multicultural glory. We are accepting of everyone, all communities, all genders, all races and religions.
Listening – We listen to all voices across all platforms, the ones that need to be heard and the ones that must be heard. – We understand, we review, we act. We tell stories that are grounded in truth and personal experience. 

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We respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands and waters of NSW, and all Aboriginal Elders, past, present and emerging, and their continuing cultural, spiritual customs, storytelling and practices.

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