2020 was a write off year for NTC as the performing arts industry went into the COVID-19 lockdown.

Our plans for a choc-a-bloc theatre program went spiralling downwards into oblivion.

The Jungle Book. The Last Riot of Rasanayagam. Drama Sutra.


The Annual South Asian Theatre Festival curated by NTC struggled with 3 plays and no audience!

Now in 2021 we are starting to feel hopeful. 

About new initiatives and entertaining again. Giving amazing performances. Laughing, crying, singing, dancing, acting – whatever the script demands.

Paying the people backstage who bring our art to life. Actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, costume and set designers, stylists, props. All the amazing people who make our plays successful.

We’re all looking forward to hearing applause and encores again.

We have three plays as part of the South Asian Theatre Festival in August. Community workshops to showcase hidden talent are planned. Dramasutra is back on the planning board.

It’s the end of the financial year.

DONATE to help us come back on stage.

Reema, our Creative Producer explains why your donation is important.

You can also donate directly to our bank account:

Account name: Nautanki Theatre Inc.

Account number:  1027 7963   |        BSB: 062 271      |     Name of Bank: CBA 

Nautanki Theatre Company is a DGR entity so all donations above $2 are tax deductable.

For more information on how to support us email us at info@ntc.org.au

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