Nautanki Theater

Nautanki Theatre is an independent theatre company based in Sydney which has been promoting theatre on cross-cultural platform since 2008. Currently Nautanki Theatre’s artistic focus lies in story telling that connects contemporary Australian society to South Asian diaspora.
Nautanki Theatre provides artistic platforms for emerging talents with ethnic background, telling alternate and new stories from CaLD communities thereby challenging mainstream Australian stage.
Productions of Nautanki Theatre have traveled interstate as well as internationally. With its extensive research and experience presently Nautanki Theatre is producing its artistic creations in Parramatta city. The company is creating a new trend and audience in Western Sydney and motivating various local diasporas to join the Independent Theatre Movement of which this company has been one of the pioneers.


Nautanki is a folk theatre form. This operatic theatre performance heavily dependent on music and chorus have been the single most entertaining art form that largely matured and grew up in rural part of Indian subcontinent. Nautanki as an art form has been declining with the shift of entertainment gradually moving towards cinema and television. Bollywood film industry is largely inspired by Nautanki art form.
In recent past the term Nautanki has become synonymous with overacting. However Nautanki is a rich art form which travels across various towns giving it a nomadic essence. Aesthetics of Nautanki is the exchange of tongue in cheek lyrics between performers, chorus and musicians conveying contemporary social messages.

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