One of the key focus areas for Nautanki Theatre Company is to connect youth with performing arts. Company aimsto create a platform through its various programs that create opportunities for young people to participate, connect and contribute to the society through their acquired theatrical skills.

The key priorities for Nautanki Theatrein encouraging youth participation are:

  • Creating opportunities for young people to participate and engage in live theatre.
  • Seeking diversity amongst the youth that truly represents the community.
  • Empowering young people to bring innovative and fresh ideas that helps the community evolve continuously.
  • Reward and recognise the efforts to encourage these young people to continue participating with enthusiasm.

Nautanki Theatre believes that the youth has the right and responsibility to participate and contribute to the community. By creating a safe space for the youth to engage and learn the theatrical skills, Nautanki Theatre endeavours to let the personalities and value systems of young Australians bloom so that they stand up and stand united for Australia’s peaceful and harmonious way of life.

Through the youth focussed initiatives, the participants will:

  • be more effective and efficient in dealing with people from diverse cultures on a day to day basis
  • be better managers of diverse teams
  • be more capable of building respectful relationships within the society

The overall benefits that Nautanki Theatre aim to reap through its youth focussed programs are:

  • Developing theatre skills and confidence of youth
  • Channelising youth energy to creative and productive outcome
  • Inspiring a new generation of community leaders, critical thinkers and champions for community harmony.

To express your interest to be part of Nautanki Theatre Company’s Youth Program, please email