Forum Discussion

Australia’s culture is unique. Along with 70,000 years of continued indigenous story telling, it also reflects two centuries of settlement from around the world. Amongst these settlements, one of the largest community in NSW is South-Asian community. It is important for the continuous improvement of the society that they are heard. Keeping this in mind, Nautanki Theatre Company has created an annual platform for the South-Asian community to come forward, share their stories and talk about their thoughts and feelings in living in Australian society. By vanguarding their voice, Nautanki Theatre aims to:

  • Create an open environment for the community to voice their hopes and concerns
  • Collaborate and come up with solutions to issues at community level
  • Build a culture of communal fairness and equality

Nautanki Theatre started this forum discussion in 2017. First year the topic was “South Asian Diaspora- Perception vs. Reality” were an all women panel of South Asian origin shared their experiences of being coloured amongst a white dominant workforce and the gap between the perception and reality. The discussion concluded with the audience sharing their experiences and raising questions and concerns about the perception and reality gap. It also talked about the changing scenario of this perception.

As a continuation, in 2018, Nautanki Theatre invited a panel of second generation South Asian youth to talk about their experiences and the perception issues they are dealing with.

Nautanki Theatre endeavours to present this Forum Discussion every year as an attempt to provide the South Asian diaspora, a platform to voice their thoughts, feelings and concerns.