Original play by Rabindranath Tagore; adaptation and modern translation by Dr.Sudipto Chatterjee.
Direction and design by JoyrajBhattacharjee
Based on Tagore’s classic written in 1890; regarded as his finest drama: Bisarjan (Sacrifice).

Indian Embrace

Written by Carol Dance; Directed by Lenore Robertson
A tragedy bonds an elderly Indian aristocrat and an Australian expatriate. Their friendship is stronger than family ties. Then, the young Indian wants to immigrate to Australia and the trouble starts.

In Search of a Muluk

Director: Nilabja Das
In Search of a Muluk (refuge) is a documentary about the Fairlawn Hotel in Calcutta, India. The Fairlawn Hotel has been a home away from home for not only Indians but for tourists around the world. Mrs. Violet Smith’s family started the hotel 1936. Having fled their home in Armenia to escape persecution Mrs. Smith’s Armenian family came to India and made Calcutta their home.

Bedtime Story

Written by Kiran Nagarkar, Direction and design by JoyrajBhattacharjee
Bedtime Story is based on the Indian Epic, the Mahabharata. Mahabharat’sDharmaraj, Bheem, Arjun and Drupadi meet today’s Raj, Bimal, Arun and Rupali in the parallel plot of Kiran Nagarkar’s Bedtime Story.

Last Dance at Dum Dum

Written by Ayub Khan-Din; Directed by Lenore Robertson
Set in early 80s, this is a serious comedy about a vividly memorable gang of eccentrics and exotics Anglo-Indians who are attempting to come to terms with their pasts and their fears for the future.

The Jungle Book…an adaptation

Written by Craig Higginson; Direction and design by JoyrajBhattacharjee
Featuring mesmerising shadow puppets and stunning music, this play honours the book by Rudyard Kipling which has enchanted families for generations, whilst asking the question ‘who is your true family’?