Our milestone project for 2020 has just kicked off and we’re super excited to bring you the South Asian Theatre Festival 2020.
We have a wonderful program on offer, as good as it could possibly get with all the restrictions around COVID-19.
As 2020 unravelled, we were down, but not out.
It is our 5th year of curating the Festival and while planning for this event we had envisioned a program that would be bigger, better and more exciting that our past years.
But with COVID-19 taking centrestage, we had to make some hard hitting decisions – whether to run the Festival or just forget about it along with the rest of 2020.
Against all odds, we made the unanimous decision to continue with the festival in deference to our theatre-loving public, our actors and production gurus, our writers and artists who work so hard each year to present their theatrical offerings to us.
We had to think fast and plan even faster! And that’s why we are proud to bring you every aspect of the Festival, but digitally.
Various South Asian language and community groups are presenting short plays in their language just as they have done in the past. This year, three plays that are being presented in Marathi, Malayalam and Gujarati.
The plays were recorded live between  4th-6th November at Riverside Theatre, and can now be viewed here. They are unedited and presented just as they are recorded. So enjoy the theatre experience in the comfort of your home and let us know what you think by emailing contact@nautanki.org.au

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