To be a leading voice for the South Asian community in theatre and performing arts


We tell stories that celebrate inclusivity.

We provide creative opportunities for CaLD artists by developing and producing theatre that expresses, challenges and celebrates South Asian cultural identities.


Inclusion      |     Doing our best      |       Integrity

Respect         |     Listening


  • To produce creative opportunity for multi-skilled talent across all streams of performing arts including acting, production, direction and storytelling
  • To offer a true representation of contemporary Australia through a combination of visual, graphic and on stage performances that reflect current social themes
  • To provide equal access to everyone interested in theatre and the performing arts.


  • To work closely with the CaLD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) community, refugee or migrant people, telling their stories
  • To facilitate social inclusion and create a voice that safeguards the cultural heritage and identities of South-Asian migrants
  • To bring our art to a wider audience base across Sydney and its surrounds

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