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Theatre Workshop and performance enhancement programme:

Nautanki Theatre has launched a workshop based program aiming for the artist’s development. This program involves details of aesthetics related to Indian theatre. The program is suitable to all ages and can be tailor-made to cater for a group’s requirements.
The objective of this workshop based program is to prepare actors mainly from ethnic backgrounds or those who take a keen interest in Indian theatre, to equip them with various acting techniques so that mainstream Australian theatre and performing stages can accommodate a diversity reflecting the cross cultural society we live in.

Through regular workshops participants can learn new techniques, attend masterclasses and appreciate new ideas.
The aim of this programme is to give theatre going audiences and the community at large a cross cultural representation in mainstream theatre as well as creating a trained pool of actors.

• The performance enhancement programme is targeted for the theatre group. Whether you are a community based organisation or professional or independent theatre group Nautanki Theatre can workshop with the actors and creative team to bring the required Indian aesthetics into the production.
To register yourself for the performance enhancement programme or to further discuss how this program can benefit you and your theatre group please contact

Writing workshop:
Nautanki Theatre runs extensive workshops and masterclasses in writing about cross-cultural issues. Participants will learn techniques to write their personal experiences as well as gain insight into how they can convey the issues affecting the migrant experience through the written medium. The objective of this writing workshop is to create a new voice from the community and new stories to be told to the theatre world. Participants will be working under the guidance of industry leaders and renowned playwrights. Through this programme participants can also gain exposure on what is required to get their plays selected for a home production.

Stage crafting and lighting design workshop:
Nautanki Theatre partners with visual industry professionals and conducts various workshops for stage crafting and lighting design. Successful participants get hands on experience on various theatre productions for free.