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Kristine Landon – Smith

Carol Dance

Lenore Robertson

Kristine co-founded Tamasha Theatre Company in UK with the objective of creating theatre to reflect the ethnic diversity and global perspectives specialising in artist training, new writing, and intra-cultural theatre practice.

Carol is a Sydney based artist and playwright. Her previous full length play, Golden Soil, received excellent reviews. Seven of her plays have been presented in Short and Sweet theatre festival in Sydney.


Lenore has directed and produced many plays with Epicentre Theatre Company and is passionate about the performing arts. Originally a singer, Lenore performed in many gigs and concerts. She is presently studying Performance Studies at the University of Sydney.


Roanna Gonsalves

Sharon Rundle

Joyraj Bhattacharjee

Roanna is researching on English literature at the University of NSW, Sydney. She is an award winning writer and playwright based in Sydney.



Sharon is engaged in PhD research at the University of Technology. She is a story teller and writer based in Sydney.


Joy is an Indian actor and director. His theatre performance has been applauded in Indian and abroad. He traveled the world with Royal Shakespeare Theatre, UK from 2005-08.


Mrinal Mukherjee

Arun Mukherjee

Sudipto Chatterjee

Mrinal is a veteran Indian actor based in Calcutta. His films have won national award and he has acted under the direction of many celebrated film directors.

Arun is a famous Indian theatre personality. His theatre direction in the 80’s has made him one of the prominent theatre personalities in India.

Sudipto is a theatre scholar based in UK. He is an academic whose interest lies in theatre, song and filmmaking.