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Nautanki Theatre

Community Involvement


Theatre Network NSW

TNN is the peak body for theatre in NSW. Established in 2014 it works in partnership with similar organisations to lead, strengthen and support the professional theatre industry by building capacity in the small-to-medium and independent sectors, and connecting and working with the major companies.


Theatre Sydney

Theatresydney is a dedicated website maintained by Niall Tangney. This website contains information everything related to theatre happening around Sydney and NSW state. Niall's started this website in 2011. His dedication is next to none. The website endeavors to update with latest information appreciating theatre and community.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Australia

As one of the largest NGO’s in the world, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, literally meaning the House of Indian Knowledge/Wisdom, (The Bhavan) has over 180 centres in India. The Sydney Centre is its first in Australia. The other overseas centres are in the UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Mexico and South Africa and Singapore. Bhavan has been playing a crucial role in educational and cultural interactions in the world, holding aloft the best of Indian traditions and at the same time meeting the needs of modernity and multiculturalism.

Women With Disabilities Australia

Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) was incorporated in 1995 and evolved from the National Women's Network within Disabled People's International Australia (DPIA), where it had been operating as an un-funded Network for some eight years. WWDA was initially established by a group of women with disabilities who felt that their needs and concerns were not being acknowledged or addressed within the broader disability sector, or the women's sector in Australia.

Bengali Association of NSW

Bengali Association of New South Wales is a non-profit charitable and cultural organisation registered under the NSW Charitable Collections Act 1934. The Association's main objective is to promote Bengali language, literature, music, history and culture in the wider multicultural society of NSW.

Let Us Care for You

LUCY ventures in various fields. Starting with blood donation LUCY stretches hands for the underprivileged children extending support for their health, hygiene and education. Self Help Groups are created under the banner of LUCY for a better tomorrow for the young underprivileged class. HIV-AIDS is one of the biggest threats of today’s world. Counseling and Intervention of HIV-AIDS is one of the important projects of LUCY. Caring hands of LUCY is also stretched for cancer and thalassaemia affected children.

Sri Aurobindo Anusilan Society

Sri Aurobindo Anusilan Society is a registered organization which has been registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 on 13.08.1991. It has got 22 branches in 9 states in India. It has received IT Exemption under the IT Act, 35AC on 1995 for its rural based Project Vermitechnology. It is exempted under 12AA & 80G IT Exemption IT Act, Govt. of India.

Bangla Sydney

Bangla Sydney is a popular community Web Magazine. It publishes the "News and Views of Bangladeshi Community in Sydney". It is always up to date featuring coming events, reports, articles, photos and lot more. Visit the website today!..

Abhinay School of Performing Arts

The word Abhinay stands for “the art of performing” in Hindi, and in its meaning is hidden the essence of Abhinay School of Performing Arts. The school offers a unique platform for creative performers or those who want to become one, be it in the form of acting, dance or music. The school is dedicated to promoting Hindi and art and culture from Indian Subcontinent through instructional classes and professional performances. Our artistic programs maintain Indian-Australian connection to their cultural heritage, and strive to expand the culture’s expressive range, fostering its stylistic evolution in Australia.